Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just A Couple More Days!!!

That is what I keep saying to myself when I think about the list of foods I can't wait to eat after the tournament. This Saturday is the day and I am stoked! It is my time to see how well I have improved since the first tournament. Well, I should do much much better considering I had only trained for 2 months before the first tournament. I have 8 more months under my belt, so I am expecting to do much better. Aimee hit the nail on the head and said that if my competition is at the same level as last time, then I should at least place first, second, or third. So that is my goal this time around. Of course I want to win the whole freak'n thing, but I will be certainly satisfied if I place in the top three.

Training has been great and my conditioning is still proving to be ten times better than it was before. I have been cutting water weight this week and I weighed in at 164 this morning. If I can just maintain that, I will be able to drop the last four pounds the day of weigh-ins. My body has started to cramp a little with the lack of water, so I have increased some potassium to help get rid of those nagging things. The crappy part is, it is not just a normal leg cramp. It is those nasty cramps in the arch of your foot or below your shoulder blade that hurt like crap. Just a couple more days, I keep saying to myself.

Jake is going to come over Friday night around 7:00 and Aimee, the kids and I are going to leave together to go to weigh-ins. Once I get back, I have to eat a lot of carbs and drink a lot of Pedialyte which will help get the water back in my system. I have plans to eat spaghetti for dinner and several pieces of bread/butter. Carbing up is very important so I can put a little weight on and get my stamina back up. If I don't eat enough at the right times, I could very easily be gassing out like last time. But, I don't think carbing up will be a problem for me since I am dying for a change in food.

Scott and Josh are coming in to town to celebrate Dad's birthday and to come watch my tournament. I am so looking forward to afterwards when we head on over to parents house because Mom is cooking two of my favorite things...Ribs and Macaroni & Cheese. Yes, I know they don't go together too well, but when you haven't eaten anything but chicken and rice for the past three months, you really won't care either. ha-ha. Aimee is actually at the store right now getting ready to spoil the crap out of me. She is going to make me my favorite cake, which is this amazingly soft, white cake with the most deliceous icing known to man. I bet you can picture what my face looks like when I describe it. It looks like the face on a kid in a candy store.

Well, I will certainly be in touch on Friday night after I weigh in. Wish me the best of luck as I torture my palat for a couple more days.

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