Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, here we are and the countdown begins. I have a little over three weeks left and I am feeling great. I am currently weighing 173lbs and I want to get down to around 167 in two weeks, so I can just cut the rest off in the last week by shedding water weight.

Training has never been better. I am doing my cardio twice a day (unless I have class) to get rid of the weight. I do my conditioning training two or three times a week depending on my available time when I am not working or doing other training. Jake, a training partner and I have been getting in an extra grappling session a week, so that helps me with my conditioning. We have been really pushing ourselves through our workout with what sometimes feels like never ending rounds. I feel like my conditioning and my skills are 150% better than the first tournament, so I am expecting great things this time around.

Jake is also doing the tournament, but in a different weight class than me. We have been working situations left and right, and pushing our conditioning to make sure we are completely ready. I really feel we are both going to do a great job and we will make sure we video again and take photos so everyone can see us kick some butt.

While I have been training really hard, eating perfect and trying to sell some houses in a slow market, our little one (Kayleigh Anne) is having a battle of her own. Aimee is 22 weeks, but Kayleigh is only measuring 18 weeks. The Doctors are not giving her but a couple weeks to live due to a placenta that is not delivering enough nutrients or allowing her to produce enough amniotic fluid. Kayleigh is completely healthy, but the placenta is not allowing her to grow and without many prayers and a miracle, it will soon take the life of our little one we so preciously love. We ask of you all to pray for her health and pray for Aimee and I to be strong as we deal with this very hard time in our lives. If she is anything like me, we know she is going to put up a hell of a fight.

We love and miss you all very much!!

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