Friday, September 21, 2007


Not officially yet, but tonight I will be weighing in at the location of the tournament at 8:00. All I have to do is keep my weight exactly where it is right now for a little over ten hours. I actually weighed in on the scaled at 158.6, but the the camera weighs .4 pounds. ha-ha. I am not allowed to eat or drink anything today unless I see my weight dropping even more and I can sip some water to stay somewhat hydrated. This is going to be a rough day considering all I have been craving lately is two double cheeseburgers and a dollar fry from McDonalds and or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you have never felt how strong a craving feels for food, then you haven't experienced true pain. My stomach has been cramping up and full of knots all day long, then my mouth starts to water and my heart sinks to the tips of my toes as if I were depressed or something. I never knew how much food meant to me until this week. I feel like I am a changed man and will start to appreciate how blessed I am to have the chance to lick the brownie bowl again soon. ha-ha.

Actually, tonight after weigh ins, Aimee and I are going to Macaroni Grill to eat some good cook'n. I am going to eat pasta and meatballs, along with lots of bread and butter to put my weight back on again. And when I get home, I will have some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before I go to bed which will give me more carbs, good fats, and sugar for energy. In the morning, I am going to eat pancakes with syrup for the same reason of getting a lot of carbs in me and sugar for energy. You would think I was crazy for eating those types of foods, but they serve a purpose to prepare for the fights.

Well, keep me in your prayers as the next post will have the results of the tournament. I am going to go out there and enjoy myself as this is a learning experience. I am either going to go out there and win and continue to do what I am doing correctly or I am going to get my butt kicked and know that I have to just train harder. Either way, it is going to be fun and I am glad that I can share it all with you. Wish me luck and say a prayer!


Aimee Freeman & Team Freeman said...

Hey baby! I am so excited for tonight so I can eat bad without feeling guilty & so that you can eat & start getting pumped about tomorrow. I am so excited & happy that I will be there to cheer you on. Good luck & no matter what happens, I will still love you. You are my champ!

Sceki said...

Nice job man. we are leaving in a few hours to get down there, see you late tonight or early tomorrow!