Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2 Weeks To Go!!!

With two weeks to go, I am struggling to get rid of the weight. I have been eating good and training hard, but the pounds just won't seem to come off as quick as I want. I am down to 169.2 right now and I want to get to 165 in one week from now. I am on hyper drive with cutting more calories out of my diet and increasing my cardio training. I will consume 1200 calories a day with no more than 5g of fat and no more than 15g of sugar. I am also doing (2) one hour cardio sessions in a fat burning zone each day burning atleast 700 calories per session. I am doing fat burning zone so I don't burn any muscle that I have and I won't lose strength. I think that will get the weight off pretty quickly. Being this is my first cut, I will know exactly what I need to do the next time around without stressing. I certainly know the next time around, I am going to put more emphasis on my endurance/strength training and try to keep my weight around 165, so I don't have to worry about cutting that much.
I am very excited for the tournament and I have been working hard on my techniques. I don't think a minute passes by in the day where I am not running situations in my head. I just know that I have to go out there and push hard for a take down, advance the position and get a quick
submission. "Sounds easy" lol. I know that if I let it drag out, my conditioning might fail me. I seem to be really gassed when I am training in class, but I also know that I have not had a day off of training either. Maybe with the three days prior to the fight when I am just cutting water, I will rest and allow all my muscles to re-energize. It all depends on where my weight is at that time. Aimee has been pushing me hard and making sure I am staying under my sugars, which let me tell you is the hardest thing to do because everything seems to have some source of sugar in it and it all adds up quickly.
I will keep things posted as the days of the tournament are approaching quickly. Keep me in your prayers as I deperately need to get in to the 145-160 weight class. Thank you all for your support and I will be in touch soon.


Anonymous said...

The Timbers Family sends along their good luck wishes!

Adam Freeman said...

Thank you tons! We miss you all and can't wait to see you all next year at Pymatuning. The kids are so excited to go again. Thank you for your good luck wishes! I will keep you updated, just check back often. :) Love you all!