Friday, August 10, 2007

The Beginning!!!

Hello All!

After seeing the work that Scott has put in to his blog about his family and events, I figured I would do something similar and share with you the journey of my training to the day I step in the cage for the first time.... Yes, the cage where a battle between two men who have trained endlesly ends with the excitement of a hand being raised in victory. A battle consisting of a chess match of submissions and a race of outlasting endurance and strength. A battle where you could end up getting knocked out by a devestating blow to the chin, tap out because your arm is about to snap in the wrong direction, or fade to black as a choke has sunk in deeply cutting off all air supply to your empty lungs. This is a competition where two fighters have not only trained physically, but just as much mentally to control the stomach stabbing nerves and to have the highest peaking confidence to be the victor in the end. Both fighters have waited impatiently for the bell to ring as all hell will break loose. It is survival of the fittest in the 155 pound weight class and here is the beginning of my journey to the day I step in the cage to claim victory upon my first unfortunate opponent.

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