Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to Training

After the tournament, I have enjoyed my normal eating style which is anything and everything. I am weighing 174 again and I am going to enjoy the holidays and good cook'n. I have been training twice a week and since business has kept me busy, I have not been in the gym much lately. As I said before, I am going to take it easy, learn more fighting techniques and enjoy the holidays. Once the holidays are over, I am going to be full steam ahead with a strict workout, diet and training regimen.

At class we have started a new phase in our training. We have started sparring. I never really thought about it before, but reality sets in when you put the gloves, head gear and mouth piece on. "I am about to throw some punches and I am about to get hit." And getting hit is what happened. Our instructor's words of advice were to stay in there, throw some punches and gain experience on what it feels like to get hit. So after a pounding headache and bloody nose, I feel much more comfortable sparring. The second class I had to spar against John, who is our instructor. He is a Golden Gloves Boxer from New York. So needless to say, I was scared. I figured that could get my butt kicked or stay in there, take some shots and prove something. So I did just that. He hits hard and was very complimentary of me staying in there with him and dooking it out, although I left with another bloody nose and headache. ha-ha. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to learn some more. Above is a picture of me throwing a nice jab while sparring with Jake. I must say that the pic makes me look like I know what I am doing :)

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